Line Up

Massive Wagons

Leading the charge of new breakthrough British rock n’ roll bands, Massive Wagons announced themselves on the big stage this year with ‘Full Nelson’, a UK Top 20 album (and also the No.1 UK Rock Album)
Famed for playing shows the length and breadth of the country, and developing a hugely loyal grass roots following as a result, the band have also played all the major festivals including Download, Ramblin’ Man, Steelhouse and Planet Rockstock.
Fronted by the charismatic Baz Mills, the band has earned a reputation for anthemic, catchy songs with a lyrical edge that takes in everything from the perils of Facebook (‘China Plates’), the ignorance of casual racism (‘Billy Balloon Head’) and heartfelt tributes to their fallen heroes (breakthrough single ‘Back to the Stack’ is dedicated to Rick Parfitt of Status Quo). Singles taken from the album have been staple content on Planet Rock radio’s playlists, and have also been played on BBC Radio 2.
Massive Wagons courted controversy when a huge mural painting depicting the ‘Full Nelson’ cover art appeared on the side of a wall in the band’s hometown of Lancaster, and over 8000 people signed a petition to prevent its removal by the local council.
The council eventually relented, and the mural has now become a site of pilgrimage for fans who flock to the location and post pictures online of themselves posing with the imposing artwork.
The band have followed up their chart success by playing shows with acts like Status Quo, The Wildhearts and The Dead Daisies, and will shortly announce a series of headline festival dates for 2019.
With ‘Full Nelson’ hailed by Planet Rock Magazine as “powerfully honest and fully convincing arrival”, the next few months will see Massive Wagons rise from cult heroes, to the mainstream status that their music deserves.

The Amorettes

Whilst today’s popular music world seems to be based around the idea of “style over substance”, Scottish Hard Rock Trio, The Amorettes, have a very simple plan; Taking over the world, one show at a time!
No fuss! No gimmicks! Just good, old-fashioned hard work, and great songs. Anyone who’s ever experienced an Amorettes live show can easily testify to the buzz of expectation that kicks in as soon the lights go down, and the intro rolls. Never has the Slade track, We’ll bring the house down been so prophetic in its meaning. The roar from the crowd builds expectation from the very start, and the energy and intensity doesn’t let up until we reach the end together. Witness the audience sing-a-long during the anthemic set closer, Hot And Heavy, a track always pre-empted by vocalist/guitarist, Gill Montgomery asking the sweat soaked audience, “Is Everybody Hot? Do You Like It HEAVYYY?”
It’s not just all down to Montgomery though, Drummer Hannah McKay, who is considered to be one of the best young, drummers on the music scene today, uses her full kit to deliver knock-out blows to each and every member of the audience. Try and hide as much as you like, there is no escape from her drumming fury.
Likewise, Bass player Heather McKay is a sight to behold on stage, banging out her rock-solid rhythms whilst prowling the stage like a Tiger, her long hair flailing in the lights as her head does not stop moving even for a second.
Having what is arguably the tightest rhythm section on today’s rock scene behind her allows Montgomery to showcase her powerful vocals whilst also tearing off riff after riff, and solo after solo with ease.
Relentless touring across the UK and Europe has turned The Amorettes into a lean, mean, Rock and Roll machine, leading them to be described as “Like Airbourne fronted by Joan Jett”. Reviews for both live shows, and the albums, only reinforce the fact that The Amorettes star is still very much in ascendance, and, as long as there are stages to play, and records to make, there is no sign of this “Female Motorhead” attempting to take the easy road to the top.


Hollowstar are the kind of band that exude so much shimmering potential that you’re reassured the future of rock music could well be in safe hands. Citing Thunder, Slash and Black Stone Cherry as among their biggest inspirations, the band’s highly-honed music and Joe’s impressive pipes are entrenched in classic rock, yet, rather than just idly regurgitating their influences, crucially Hollowstar’s sounds are fresh and engrained with their own personality. Formed just three years ago in the market town of St Ives, Cambridgeshire, Hollowstar spent their early years relentlessly touring, perfecting their hard-edged rock sound and winning over fans in the process. Almost exactly a year ago, they unleashed their debut EP ‘Some Things Matter’ to the world and it was duly showered with plaudits from the press and peaked at no.13 on the iTunes rock chart. Flaunting their diverse musical talents, the six-track EP boasted tunes like the slow-building and atmospheric ‘Feel The Burn’ and the riff-heavy rock stomper ‘Holding It Together’, and it paved the way to support slots with Stone Broken, Toseland and more. Building upon these embryonic talents, May 2018 they returned to the fold with the towering anthem ‘All I Gotta Say’. Ticking all the boxes receiving BBC Radio 2 airplay and playlisted by Planet Rock. With their career on an upward trajectory, summer of 2018 saw them play a series of headline dates,  festivals and four coveted support slots with Graham Bonnet Band before they open for Dan Reed Network on their Planet Rock presents November 2018 tour. Rock is once again rightfully on the rise, and Hollowstar look set to lead the charge with riffs fit to grace arenas one day and a truly entertaining live show to match.

Dead Man’s Whiskey

After the release of their 2017 debut album ‘Under the Gun’ and debut single ‘This Fight’, Dead Man’s Whiskey have wasted no time in becoming one of the UK’s hottest up and coming hard rock acts.
Formed in early 2016, the London five piece bring a powerful blend of classic and modern rock, combining heavy riffs with anthemic choruses and stadium sized power ballads.
After the breakup of their previous band, lead guitarist Billy Kons and bassist James Titley set out to create a new group, one that combined the classic tones of Guns Roses and Black Sabbath, along with the modern sounds of Alter Bridge and Black Stone Cherry. After being joined by rhythm guitarist Elliott D’Alvarez and lead singer Nico Rogers, the band began forging their now signature sound and played their first gig on 21st April 2016 at the Fiddler’s Elbow – Camden.
After gaining a reputation as one of London’s most exciting live acts, the band reached another level with the addition of new drummer Charlie Gray in August 2016. What followed was an explosion of creative ideas, culminating in the band’s 2016 EP – ‘War Machine’. This was followed by a string of gigs performing alongside other rising stars such as KilliT, Stone Broken and Tequila Mockinbyrd.
In March 2017 the band entered Longwave Studios – Cardiff to record their debut album – ‘Under The Gun’. Here they worked with acclaimed producer Romesh Dodangoda, famed for his work with artists such as Motorhead, Bring me the Horizon and Bullet for My Valentine.
On the 6th May 2017 ‘Under The Gun’ was unleashed at a sold out album launch at the Black Heart – Camden. This was followed by the release of their debut promo video, ‘This Fight’, as well as a slew of successful gigs across the UK, including a high-profile slot with Bigfoot at the Camden Underworld.
Since its release ‘Under the Gun’ has received rave reviews and play on various radio stations, including Hard Rock Hell. The band has also achieved a number of milestones in 2017, signing their first management deal with TMR Band Management, finishing as runners up in the Hard Rock Hell – Highway To Hell Finals and being nominated in the ‘Young Blood’ category for the Hard Rock Hell Awards.
With a raucous live show and a rapidly growing fanbase of ‘Whiskey Chasers’, Dead Man’s Whiskey are a band on the rise and with each band member in their 20s, they are in no mood for slowing down! Catch them live at a show near you!

False Hearts

delivering modern rock with a fiery finesse, false hearts united in 2016 and soon took the cambridgeshire music scene by storm thanks to their unique and compelling take on passion drive female led rock.
with experience in ventures ranging from rock bands to music studios to full blown orchestras, false hearts unrelenting drive and multifaceted approach to the art of music has capture the hearts of audiences and critics alike, carrying them from stage to stage at some of the country’s most beloved venues and festivals
frequently heard gracing the airwaves of prominent radio stations such as bbc introducing, false hearts have wasted little time and have even begun to invade the world of movies with their latest release, ‘Cynical Love’, being included in the stranges: prey at night; the sequel to universal picures’ 2007 horror movie the strangers, which starts liv tyler and grossed >$82M at the box office
after cementing their reputation in cambridgeshire and even securing a place in the NMG hall of fame in their very first year, false hearts carried this momentum through to london and the wider reaches of the nation, and now boast an ever growing national fann base. with new music on the way this year now is the time to catch the fast rising band at one of their numerous festival appearances throughout the UK

fallen mafia

Fallen Mafia are a 5-piece female fronted hard rock band that bring real, hard hitting Rock N’ Roll back to the stage. With high energy live shows, a ‘party hard’ attitude and lots of charisma to boot, the band pave their way and set the standards high. Influences from Punk, Metal, Rock which go across the board with the likes of Motley Crue, WASP, Skid Row, Sixx Am, Sex Pistols, NIN, Rob Zombie too many to list. Formed in 2011, the 5 piece have captured audiences across the UK and Europe alike and have become accustomed to life on the road, building a strong following along the way. Some of the bands they have played with so far include: Y&T, Turisas, Michael Monroe, CrashDiet (UK + European Tour), Sister ( UK + European Tour) Jettblack ( UK Tour),Sleakstain (UK + European Tour), Hell In The Club ( UK Tour) Adam Bomb, Falling Red, Skarlett Riot, Velvet Star & Blackballed Fallen Mafia recently won a battle of bands to become the very first band to play the Stonedeaf Festival (25th August 2018) playing alongside – Skid Row, The Quireboys, Wolfsbane, Anvil, Graham Bonnet And His Band, Massive Wagons, Hand Of Dimes, Chrome Molly


Broken soul

Broken Soul are a four-piece band thrown together by their love of hard rock, hard times, difficult pasts and apparently rum, according to Darryl. The band consists of Paul Foskett on guitars, Alex Stoneham vocals, guitars and keyboards. Tim Spinks bass and vocals, and Darryl Whitpen on the drums and vocals. Since Forming in May of 2018, the guys have Immersed themselves into writing material for their debut album A Little Part of Me. Which was Released on the 4th of May 2019. They would say their influences include Alice in Chains, Skid Row, The Architects and bands such as the Beatles and Pearl Jam. Broken Soul are a band who don’t like the word genre and you can hear why when you listen to A Little Part of Me, the album has a wide range of styles of music, but all have that Broken Soul sound.
Look out 2019 they are coming for you